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サーバーおよび回線の維持コストが運営上の限界にきております…そこで、動画から音声(MP3)抽出には、サーバー回線の負担がなく高速の MP3TUBEシンプル版β を用意いたしましたのでぜひお試しいただきたくご協力願いします。


Convert your MP3 to a video and post it on YouTube.

Extract the audio from a video and create an MP3.

MP3TUBE is a file-conversion service that can transform video into audio and vice versa. Extract audio from video to create an MP3 file, or make a video from an MP3 and upload it to a video hosting site.

Convert type File type Max size
Movie»Audio FLV/MP4/WMV 100MB
Audio»Movie MP3 35MB

Free stickers MP3TUBE skins.

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Convert mp3 audio to stereo flash video on the web.Click Browse and choose the audio (mp3,aac) or movie (flv) file on your compute, and submit the form.

You can upload by the stereo high sound quality like Audio CD.(listen to Sample)